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We observe best practices


When planning our capacities, our time, and our projects, when developing our cooperation with external partners, and when optimizing our own processes, it helps to be able to compare our approach with that of others. So we observe best practices in two ways:

Wherever it makes sense

We benchmark our activities against those of other companies to get a feel for the standards in the industry. Then we fine-tune our own standards wherever it seems to make sense, or seek alternative solutions, and repeat this process on a continuous basis.

The search for alternatives recently prompted our own development of a user-friendly tool that enables our translators to access and research archived translation material instantly, on line, in its full context.

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Standard Translation Memory primarily aims to automate the translation process.

It is extremely difficult for translators to authenticate and review the source of results presented line-by-line by the system. And as such systems require extensive user-training, we opted for hands-on usability and a context-based solution to boost our productivity that we felt would find easy acceptance amongst all of our colleagues.

A genuine interest in our customers’ business

Research we undertake on an everyday basis extends far beyond that necessitated by terminology searches relating to the text on our desk. We read the daily press not only to get the news, but also to catch new words used for new things. And our interest in our customers is genuine.


Since we are part of their dialogue with the outside world, we invest any time we can to keep abreast of developments in the technologies and markets in which they do business.