Enriching your communications in many languages

We begin where others don’t think to start

Your communications are tailored to the dialogue taking place on brand platforms, in current affairs and surrounding corporate issues and strategies. This calls for wide-ranging knowledge of management structures, the challenges market leaders face, and the innovations they deliver in industry, research and public relations. We take the time to get to know your company before we begin any regular translation work for you.

We understand what you’re trying to say. Take our word for it.

Translating is above all a question of reading. With the utmost care. And between the lines. Because each and every word counts, and because most have far more than just a single meaning. For a professional translator, context is key. That’s what makes our office in Munich more of a language space than a workspace. It’s not a place where automation feels at home, but rather one that brings together people with a wide range of interests and one shared priority: we are devoted to your copy and its central message. And we have the vocabulary to truly enrich your communications.


Keeping pace with the key issues

Understanding how any individual issue or message is related to the industry’s development, or even to what happened yesterday, makes all the difference to corporate communications.

Our customers generate content we edit and translate every day in several languages. They expect us to be in the picture, with a thorough understanding of the complex technologies and issues involved, so they can quickly respond to both in-house and external developments with new messages to keep their stakeholders on board.


Facts matter

In our work, form always follows function. We don’t just translate content into another language, we find out what’s going on behind the facts – and how they’re presented.

We draw on a set of internal and external resources to perform specialized research in full context, establishing this firmly at the heart of translation quality. Precisely because these repositories draw on the totality of our reference documents, our translations are always in tune with the chosen medium and target audience. And we can guarantee we will consistently apply your language preferences and conventions, thus holding our unconditional promise to you: that the message your copy is carrying will find immediate and direct appeal.



Can we help you?

… with a tricky linguistic question, a headline that needs fine-tuning, a major project that could use some editing or correction to be “on the safe side”, a short press release that was due out yesterday… Call us or drop us a line. If you’re passionate about getting it right, we’ll do everything we can to help.