SEO translation

We work out who’s looking for you

We work out who's looking for you

Because the copy we write gets you found online.

And because we have at our fingertips precisely the right choice of words for each target group – whether human or machine. Only content that gets found gets read. That’s why we optimise text for search engines. To make sure your company is way up the ranking, we follow an approach that can be summed up in four keywords.

  1. Keyword: SEO analysis
  2. Keyword: SEO editing
  3. Keyword: multi-lingual SEO translation
  4. Keyword: Permanent SEO consulting and SEO optimisation

We work in this field with experts in market research, marketing and sales to achieve optimum results.

Keyword: SEO analysis


To lead your market, you must know your competition. That’s why we analyse your copy and compare your translations with what your immediate competitors are saying. Our targeted market research in your target country determines which specific keywords and key search terms your potential business partners are using.

A team of specialist translators and online marketing experts develops multilingual solutions and works up concepts for websites or individual online campaigns. In close collaboration with corporate consultants enseGO, we ensure you can benefit from comprehensive background knowledge both of target markets and of how each target group tends to search. That means your web presence will enjoy a market-leading position in the results list of every search engine to bring significant web traffic your way.

Keyword: SEO editing

For us, dynamism is the ability to remain flexible without getting bent out of shape. Since the internet knows no print deadlines, we can optimise your website quickly and reliably, even at short notice. And we improve your online positioning. How?

By adding the relevant keywords and expressions that search engines are looking for but leaving the essence of your company untouched. And by creating content that is culturally relevant, that addresses the peculiarities of the market, and stays true to your communications aim. We believe content is something that readers want to read – because it didn’t take them long to find it.

Keyword: SEO editing

Keyword: multi-lingual SEO translation

Multi-linguale SEO-Übersetzung

Multilingual is not the same as international. If you want to sell products and services beyond national frontiers, you’ll need much more than a multilingual website. And if you want an ideal ranking in search engine results, a straightforward translation just won’t do. The key to making your website a commercial success is to ensure it is visited by interested parties who don’t yet know the names you give your products. Only the right choice of words will bring them to you.

Since we employ native speakers to edit your content and translate it into your target languages, we can ensure your message stays intact – whatever language your target group speaks. And always in keeping with your own corporate tonality.

Keyword: SEO consulting and optimisation

The less time you have, the more reliable your partner must be. Since Google considers some 250 factors when ranking websites, we keep tabs on all of them.

By getting directly involved in your content editing process and by proofreading your external corporate communications with the greatest care, we make sure that search results meet the specific targets defined in our analysis. Turning your successful online presence into a reliable, dependable foundation for your business.

Permanente SEO-Begleitung und SEO-Optimierung

An interesting proposition

Have we awakened your interest in SEO translations and search-optimised multilingual text? If so, we’d be happy to meet up and discuss your specific needs.

Contact us, and put us in the picture of where you’d like to go and what we can do to help achieve the results you want.

Oliver Müller-Marc

“What makes BVIW’s SEO translations so special? The fact that they deliver on SEO and produce a great translation that people, and not just machines, like reading. Because it’s not the machines that will be buying your products.”

Oliver Müller-MarcOwner and Managing DirectorenseGO Innovation Consulting