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“Instead of working from time to time for a lot of customers, our permanent teams work closely in the long term for major clients. We respond quickly to their needs with knowledge we build up about their business. Partnership and personal accountability are the cornerstones of quality and customer satisfaction.”

Anton Van Iersel, Founder & Managing Director
Burton, Van Iersel & Whitney GmbH

Anton Van Iersel

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Our clients speak for us

“What makes the quality of service you offer so impressive is that you clearly work very intuitively, with a feel for language that is natural and impeccable. Plus your expert knowledge in your chosen fields is such that you even check our copy – and don’t hesitate to question any suspicious content! Your comments and justifications for changes are clear and convincing. It’s simply a good feeling to know there’s an extra pair of eyes – and an ‘external brain’ – looking over the text.”

Jutta Gühring
ETAS-PGA/MKC1, Internal Communications
Editing, proofreading and translation German-English, Specialist articles

“Thank you for the documents you provided. I just wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with the quality of the documents J. translated. Also, I very much appreciate her edits and comments – they helped us to create a magazine that is consistent in all four languages. Excellent job!”

Airbus Helicopters
Christian Pichler
Corporate Communications, Editorial Content
Translation German-English-French-Spanish, Customer and employee magazine

“Heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the translation of our annual report for your outstanding work and the extraordinary effort you put in ─ even when this meant working outside of normal office hours to help us accommodate several subsequent alterations. The swift delivery and impeccable quality of your work ensured everything ran smoothly.”

MTU Aero Engines AG
Eva Simon
Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Translation, editing and proofreading German-English, Annual report

“The text looks great! Exactly what we had in mind. Many thanks!”

Fink & Fuchs Public Relations AG
Mariane Slamich
International PR Consultant
Editing English, Specialist article

“Thank you for your responsiveness as well as for the impeccable quality of the translations you continue to provide Airbus Helicopters with.”

Airbus Helicopters
Christian da Silva
Business Editor in Chief
Translation German, Employee magazine

“Many, many thanks for the translation. I see that I can rely on you 100 percent! I look forward to our continued collaboration.”

RUAG Aviation
Paula Vogel
Business Travel Management
Translation German-English, Newsletter

“Aside from the excellent quality of your translations – which is obviously of paramount importance – I really appreciate your reactivity and the fact that when I ask for urgent delivery you manage to accommodate this 99% of the time.  I also value the punctual delivery, at the exact time to which you committed, which helps me enormously in managing publication of our busy daily newsfeed! And of course the final point is a more personal one – I enjoy working with you!”

Airbus Defence and Space
Mary Walmsley
Head of Intranet News
Translation German-English-French-Spanish, Intranet News

“The customer has asked me to pass on to you how very impressed she was by the accuracy and quality of the proofread. Great job!”

Philipp und Keuntje GmbH
Sara Holzmann
Project Management
Editing and proofreading German-English, Car catalogue

“The translator absolutely hit the nail on the head. It’s the first text I’ve ever seen that nobody on our side has needed to change in any way.”

MTU Aero Engines AG
Eva Simon
Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Translation German-English, Press release on finances

“I would like to thank you and your team very much for your work on the magazine. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Airbus Group
Julie Chesseret
Corporate Brand, Online and Employee Communication (CCBOE)
Translation German-English-French-Spanish, Customer and employee magazine

“What a fantastic translation! Very many thanks, this has really made my life easier today!”

Airbus Defence and Space
Catherine Storrie
Editorial Manager Communications & CSR
Translation German-English, Web content

“I’d like to take this opportunity to expressly thank you for your very good work and great flexibility in implementing our requests. I shall recommend you for the next report or any upcoming projects over the course of the year.”

Robert Bosch GmbH
Dr. Markus Muzic
Processes and Strategy (C/QMP)
Editing English, Internal quality report

“Perfect, my warmest thanks once again for your friendly and tireless support.”

Airbus Group
Martina Beykirch
Head of HRBP Corporate Functions, Finance, EGP Germany
Translation German-English, Study

“Why we’ve been entrusting BVIW with the task of translating our magazines for years now? Because there’s more to a high-quality translation than just converting a text from one language into another. The translations into German, Spanish, English and French testify not only to linguistic skill but also expert knowledge, good style and the critical eye that characterises a good translator – one who doesn’t hesitate to ask questions about the source text.”

Airbus Helicopters
Regina Lange
Corporate Communications, EEO – Editorial
Translation German-English-French-Spanish, Customer and employee magazine

“I would hereby like to thank you and your colleague for the delivery speed, accuracy and high quality of the English translations you sent us.”

Konradin Medien
Thorwald Ewe
Acting editor-in-chief of “bild der wissenschaft”
Translation German-English, Magazine

“By the way – we’re thrilled with the translation of “Gute Aussichten” to “Things are looking good.” The translation is spot on, as it directly picks up on the overarching theme of the brochure (Internet of Things). Absolutely fantastic!”

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH
Anita Bunk
Head of Corporate Communications
Editing English, Blog

“Many thanks for this very well-written translation – good style was incredibly important for this text, and I made almost no changes!”

Airbus Defence and Space
Mary Walmsley
Head of Intranet News
Translation German-English, Intranet News

“I look forward to working with you again in the future! Because, as I already mentioned, your ability to grasp the intention of the text means you’ve even helped us eliminate some errors in the German. And because your friendly and straightforward manner helps us work together to prevent any small glitches in the process turning into much bigger problems!”

Evelin Bittner
Press and Public Relations
Translation German-English, Employee magazine

“We would like to let you know that we are extremely pleased with the way you have translated both documents.”

MTU Aero Engines AG
Christiane Fischer
Legal department – employment law
Translation German-English, Legal

“I would hereby like to express my gratitude for your work proofreading our nearly 700-page English document. I’m currently incorporating the suggestions proposed by your translator, and I’m very impressed with the consistency and precision with which they did their job. I find every single one of the many comments to be valuable and easy to implement without further questions. Furthermore, I have the impression that the translator was so thorough in getting behind the meaning of the described content (material that is by no means trivial) that there were no misunderstandings whatsoever on their part, either. As far as I’m concerned, this means the document will gain in quality, and for this you have my warmest thanks! Here’s hoping the future brings further opportunities to cooperate.”

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH
Jörg Treusch
Development Software – Core Products Immenstaad (INST/DSW-Imb)
Editing and proofreading English, Rule modeling guide