Post-editing and correction of translations

We ensure every comma is to the point.

Copy can confound when it contains linguistic or textual errors. Only a careful choice of words will persuade customers to see you as you wish to be seen. Whatever the language or the target group, good editing and correction sharpens the focus of your copy and builds enthusiasm for your products and services. You can count on us to put your company in the best possible light. It is the core of how we define partnership.

Invest in credibility…

Because we think just like our clients, we never simply pay them lip service. We invest time in finding the words that sharpen accuracy and meaning.

This crystal-clear approach is essential to how our editors and translators do their work. In this age of big data, anyone relying solely on computer-generated content is throwing away the foundation of any good communication strategy: credibility. Machines can often produce content in several languages without a problem. But it takes our many years of experience to grasp the meaning behind the words in their full context.

…built on human effort

We can tell you where it makes sense to use a machine translation – and where it doesn’t. Our experienced approach to multilingual communication and marketing campaigns is built on human effort, using the latest technology where it can be of service: in project management, capacity planning, research and ensuring consistency.

Language can divide. We unite. We make sure foreign messages are at home in the target languages. Our teams are not only masters of the languages and topics they work in, they also consciously engage with the culture and mindset of the places those languages are spoken. They know the words to use to engage your readers and open doors for you.



Can we help you?

… with a tricky linguistic question, a headline that needs fine-tuning, a major project that could use some editing or correction to be “on the safe side”, a short press release that was due out yesterday… Call us or drop us a line. If you’re passionate about getting it right, we’ll do everything we can to help.