Getting your ideas across internationally to best possible effect

Think region, not language

Creative people think and write best in their own language. But in brand marketing, PR, advertising and corporate communications, one size rarely fits all. For ideas to reach an international audience, even within one language, content must be (re)created and/or adapted to the target market and the local culture, whether in regional search engines or in print. And since deadlines are tight, you need a partner who is easy to reach, like-minded and fully up to speed.

Feeling at home in new markets

An idea that works well at home and raises a smile might well leave other cultures cold. Careful preparation for entry into new markets, including how to communicate in them, increases your chances of success. Our international teams of editors and translators are there to help you get your ideas across internationally to best possible effect. We can generate and translate content in several languages and adapt it to your target group and the local culture to help you achieve your global sales targets. (from Sectors: PR & Marketing)


Understanding science and technology

Scientists and engineers working in international projects trade information amongst themselves using language that is often incomprehensible to anyone who does not share their know-how – even if they are writing in their own native language. It takes more than a multilingual glossary of technical terms to produce a story that can attract a wider audience. To really have an impact, content must frequently be edited and adapted to suit specific audiences with different levels of technical understanding.

Beyond our customers’ R&D lies the benefit and utility of what they have discovered or invented. They need to effectively communicate their achievement to sponsors, stakeholders and the general public. We have the fresh, journalistic perspective it takes to present state-of-the-art research in an appealing way. With over 25 years of experience as partners to industry and the R&D community, we can clearly communicate the science and the value your projects create, so you can build on widespread acceptance.

Can we help you?

… with a tricky linguistic question, a headline that needs fine-tuning, a major project that could use some editing or correction to be “on the safe side”, a short press release that was due out yesterday… Call us or drop us a line. If you’re passionate about getting it right, we’ll do everything we can to help.