Combining creative editing, translation and PR skills with in-house language expertise

A few words about us

About us 2018

The less time you have, the more reliable we must be. Long-term relationships give our clients the best of what a PR agency, in-house language department and creative translation office can provide in a multilingual environment.

For over 20 years we’ve been developing innovative ideas for people who live and breathe outstanding products and exceptional services. We’re constantly sharpening the many skills we have for their benefit. Our staff editors and translators can call on a wide range of talents in various fields. They think as linguists, ad copywriters, business administrators or web experts to follow our clients’ thoughts and fully appreciate what each is looking to achieve. So they ask questions, do their research, and share our extensive body of knowledge among themselves – but above all, with you.

Our articulate use of language creates genuine added value in multilingual corporate communications.

That’s how we contribute to efficient lead generation, streamlined control of your company’s image and how you shape public opinion, and overall strategic development. Because we understand your corporate aims and what it takes to provide a translation that matches them in every respect, we ensure your communications express them with clarity. We use our boundless passion for language to help our clients achieve the success they deserve every day. It’s a passion that is dedicated to your message, in response to the trust you place in us.

In direct dialogue with your employees and in your annual reports, what really matters is to be unambiguous, to be loyal partners, to earn unquestionable confidence and trust.

That’s why we accept personal responsibility for the results of our efforts. As a permanent community of language professionals, we can draw on a growing resource: the vocabularies we constantly add to in our work. We’re a thought factory built on unconditional reliability and unwavering quality standards. We use words to build houses our clients enjoy living in.

All in one boat


Sharing confidence means sharing ambition. We’re a fully tested team and are keenly aware that learning is like rowing against the current. And since what we do every day is something we’re excited about, we can safely say we’re committed to our work. Absolutely. We’re proud to put our name to every line we write: Burton, Van Iersel & Whitney.

Taking our bearings from our clients

Let our compass guide you to your goal. Each member of our team is reachable directly and in person, and ready to point you in the right direction. The needle shifts just as soon as you call. Take us on, and let us put out your message. People who know their home port can navigate with confidence – to communications that make waves. So come on board with us.