Making the right choices


If translators want to be sure about the choices they make when searching for terminology, they must be able to judge the terms they find in the full context in which they occur.

And if it’s more than just getting the facts right, is repeated use of the same wording always appropriate?

Target readership and media effect the wording preferred, which makes context all-important in translation quality. The online Translation Retrieval System (TRS) our translators use as a source of reference displays entire documents in two languages.

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This provides accurate in-context terminology references, or effective context-based orientation: repeat (copy-and-paste) use of previous translations is not necessarily the best alternative.


Where repetition rates are high, today’s standard Translation Memory (TM) software can be useful to recover and re-use archived translated material for documentation and localization projects. But such tools seldom present the best solution for translations in communications and marketing.

Any documents you would like us to refer to in our translations can be matched up for reference in a matter of minutes, so your own terminology or conventions can find repeated use where this makes sense to you.

We ensure consistency, without placing our faith in the automated recycling of previously translated and stored text.