Behind the words

We make personal contact a priority


Getting the right match means that it is not sufficient to know only our clients, their representatives, their needs, and their wishes.

We also have to know the people we work with, in a professional environment dominated more by data links than by face-to-face communication. We keep our finger on the pulse and treat the cultivation of such relations as an ongoing effort. And not only “when the need arises”: translating is people work.

Putting faces to names and names to work

Trade fairs offer an ideal opportunity to catch up with our clients, and get a first-hand view of their latest developments, too. But we will just as readily make the journey to visit them, because we want to put faces to names and names to work. We want to know who is doing what job. Likewise, clients are always invited to visit us, to meet ‘their’ translator(s) or make appropriate recommendations and requests regarding who they feel most comfortable working with.

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Demonstrate appreciation, enhance contribution

We make a conscious attempt to meet up regularly with our colleagues at our offices in Munich and London. Collegial contact amongst the people we work with is a basic selection criterion. We invest in our colleagues. We select our translators with the utmost care and with an eye to offering our clients a focused and meaningful range of services, drawing on differing sets of specialist skills and professional experience. We are appreciative of our translators’ support, demonstrate this appreciation, and help them to enhance their contribution

  • by providing them with the information and tools they need
  • by taking time to give them feedback on their work, and
  • by respecting their legitimate interests.

Oriented to the long term

We allocate work according to our clients’ needs, but also with a view to fairness toward our translators. We never place assignments sporadically or at will, neither in the office nor when calling on external colleagues. We never treat our translators as if they were interchangeable or dispensable entities. They are our partners, and our dealings with them are oriented to the long term. This is in their interests just as it is in ours: every new client, and every translator new to the clients we already work for, calls for extra efforts by everyone on the team, in order to pull through the accompanying learning curve.


There is simply no short-term benefit to be gained by anyone from ad hoc working relationships: they are costly, non-productive, and a serious quality risk.