Behind the words

We believe in zero defects


We assume nothing when working with texts.

When researching, we make sure we access the right sources, check with those who are accountable, and even counter-check with other sources that may provide us with different information. We gather all the facts and are careful not to commit errors of omission (leave things out) or errors of commission (put things in that don’t belong).

We’ll stake our reputation on it

When copy-editing or translating, we question the accuracy of an original text as a matter of principle, never accepting anything at face value or glossing over the unclear, the ambiguous, or the unfamiliar.

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We never guess. We find out. We get questions answered. We get it right.

We support our clients in achieving clarity by confronting them with our queries and proposals. We never lay our own work to rest until we are completely unable to find anything more that can be improved, and are thus satisfied that the job is done. Therefore, each and every final version we approve and which carries our name is something we are willing to stake our reputation on.

Openness and honesty

At the same time, we are utterly and unreservedly open to queries and proposals of others with reference to our work. Best value leaves no room for misplaced professional pride when debating interpretations or questions of style amongst ourselves, or with our customers. Essential to such openness and honesty is the recognition that neither we nor they can achieve superior quality without a clearly formulated and practical understanding of what each of us can expect from the other.


The spirit of creativity

Quality work is teamwork. It is a product of minds that see things in different ways and of people who have differing knowledge, skills sets, and experience at their command. We honour any challenge to our work, and carry out our part of any ensuing dialogue in a spirit of creativity. We welcome any opportunity to learn and grow in this way.

We never turn a deaf ear. We listen.