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Our work begins where others don’t even think of starting.


We understand what you’re trying to say. Take our word for it.

Translating is above all a question of reading. With the utmost care. And between the lines. Because each and every word counts, and because most have far more than just a single meaning. For a professional translator, context is key. That’s what makes our office in Munich more of a language space than a workspace. It’s not a place where automation feels at home, but rather one that brings together people with a wide range of interests and one shared priority: we are devoted to your copy and its central message. And we have the vocabulary to truly enrich your communications.

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Value Research Translation Check&Editing

Our translations unleash your copy’s full potential:

we ensure it is thoroughly researched before we work on it and then carefully edit the result by comparing it against the original text. The translations we provide in our chosen languages are devoted to the particular need in communications for clearly worded copy that is a pleasure to read. Naturally, that’s something only permanently employed editors, translators and proofreaders can achieve, working exclusively in their own language to complete accurate translations and exacting editing jobs.

In our work, form always follows function. We don’t just translate content into another language, we find out what’s going on behind the facts – and how they’re presented.

Our TRARES online translation archive enables us to perform specialised research in full context, establishing this firmly at the heart of translation quality. Precisely because this archive draws on the totality of our reference documents, our translations are always in tune with the chosen medium and target audience. And we can guarantee we will consistently apply your language preferences and conventions. TRARES presents two language versions of every document in their entirety and marks in each of them where a given term is used: our choice of words is always the one you prefer. This means we can hold our unconditional promise to you: that the message your copy is carrying will find immediate and direct appeal.


What’s just as important when it comes to addressing readers is to deal with cultural and linguistic barriers.

BVIW Fraunhofer

We work with you to overcome them all – because the right turn of phrase can really turn heads. And first impressions last – not just in real life but in film, too, which speaks a language of its own. We get your pictures talking, so they’re worth more than a thousand words. Ultimately, language in film won’t work until the soundtrack is synchronised with the film sequence. In other words, when the words truly match the pictures. That’s why we offer not just foreign-language subtitling of videos but also translations of the spoken word. We provide an expressive script for your voiceover artists and a meaningful running order for the cutters. The key thing when translating subtitles and voiceovers is to know how language should sound.

Our favourite challenge always has been and always will be to make the way we formulate a message all the clearer the shorter the text is.

English, German, French or Spanish – we speak many languages.
And the one we’re most fluent in? Yours.

“… Besides the fact that deliveries always meet agreed deadlines, what I love is the choice of wording and the sophisticated style of the translations. Each word in the respective language reads like original copy, not like it’s simply been translated.”
Annett FischerPress Officer for Bosch Engineering and Bosch MotorsportBosch Engineering GmbH