Sectors we work in

How our language skills and personal, quick response give you more time for new ideas

Our permanent teams have a proven track record in large, complex communication projects, as well as in marketing and PR initiatives that draw on our background in various sectors. They are highly qualified and motivated, with a flair for writing that is a prerequisite to joining the BVIW team. Regular performance checks and training keep their quality consistently high. And the better they are briefed, the better they can write.

We value direct personal contact and good partnership with you, because a close familiarity with your business is essential when content is urgent and you don’t have time to explain all the details.

Partnering with us offers you tailored, long-term support in communicating your corporate messages within one or across several languages. You can be sure we will produce impressive content that is immediately ready for publication and delivered on time.



Global conglomerates and their suppliers strive for cohesion across cultures, shared perspectives and a common identity – not least to attract the world’s best engineering talent. Their internal and external communications are the key to finding that talent and ensuring the smooth transfer of know-how, as well as furthering the effective organisation of production, innovation and economies of scale.

Communicating global developments

In no other industry is international collaboration more essential to overcoming hurdles: whether to reduce the costs and environmental impact of air travel or to remove debris in orbit around our planet, to advance communication and airborne logistics for military and relief operations, to track climate change, or to explore ever deeper into space. Since these issues often involve partners and governments from various countries, aerospace companies must ensure that all stakeholders know what is going on.

Keeping pace with the key issues

Understanding how any individual issue or message is related to the industry’s development, or even to what happened yesterday, makes all the difference to corporate communications. Our customers generate content we edit and translate every day in several languages. They expect us to be in the picture, with a thorough understanding of the complex technologies and issues involved, so they can quickly respond to both in-house and external developments with new messages to keep their stakeholders on board.



Electromobility is radically changing the game. Digitalisation is having a profound effect on manufacturing technology and after-sales, with new platforms determining how OEMs and suppliers interact with each other and with customers. Meanwhile, AI is playing a growing role in driver assistance systems and other services. Technology is an international market. And markets run on words

Managing change across the board

With the spread of mobility as a service, the emphasis for automotive players is shifting from selling cars to providing services that enable mobility itself. New business models deal with changing perceptions of brand value and the customer experience, in which networking, convenience, urban transport and the needs of individuals play a greater role. The way companies communicate their responses to all these issues will impact how highly they are regarded by drivers, stakeholders and society at large.

A dialogue with all your stakeholders

The corporate, marketing and PR teams we work with in both B2B and retail communications rely on our solid grasp of automotive technology and industry developments to help their voice reach their target audience and take effect as intended. We always put our multilingual skills in editing and translation, content generation and adaptation to use with your specific marketing and communications goals in mind, based on a clear understanding of the subject and how it fits in to your total brand message.

Consulting Services


Faced with today’s dynamic, rapidly shifting business environment, companies often turn to consultants for support and guidance. This relationship is based on trust. Our experienced editors and translators help consultants quickly gain that trust – and keep it – by ensuring that consultants present their solutions with persuasive arguments that inspire confidence and open doors

Effecting change through communication

As a consultant, you face a delicate task. You have to evaluate the situation, make recommendations, and convince your client to implement them – all within a short space of time and under intense pressure to produce results. Effective communication can make the difference between smooth, desired change and efforts that are fought every step of the way. Whether you’re preparing a client pitch, presenting a post-project summary or reaching out to decision-makers, we’ll help you phrase winning arguments.

More than two decades of experience

With over 25 years of experience in international corporate communications and marketing, we know how to climb the steep learning curve you face when thinking your way into a new company and a different mindset. Because they know how to write between the lines, our editors and translators can strike a balance between encouraging progress on the one hand and preserving a company’s unique identity on the other. We can help you improve corporate culture – and convince people of the benefits this will bring.

Corporate Publishing

Badische Zeitung  Rotation

New technology is radically altering the corporate communications landscape. These exciting new possibilities present publishers with a host of challenges, as do changes in how people consume content. Our skill in managing large multilingual projects is well established through our work on online and printed periodicals and reports in corporate publishing, presentations and studies, and books

The printed word as a lasting message

Much corporate communication now takes place online, but does this mean the days of print are numbered? Hardly. There are two considerations keeping print very much alive: the expected lifespan of the message; and the enduring corporate image that magazines, annual publications and books are able to project. In our most successful projects we have worked closely with corporate authors and editors to create content that their international target audience is happy to pick up and reread time and again.

Making a meaningful splash online

While print underscores credibility over time, the job of online communications is to immediately grab the reader’s attention. If your content isn’t appealing and credible, it will be clicked away. Solid writing proficiency and word economy are called for: less is more. Word choices and graphic design together strengthen the meaning and impact of your message. Our many years of experience in multilingual online communications prove that we can keep your target group’s eyes on your content.



Design – a deceptively simple term that covers a host of skills and disciplines. Whether you are designing a product, its packaging, or visuals for marketing it, as a designer you need to be creative and precise at the same time. Words, too, must balance precision with aesthetic value. The goal should be for brand messages and other information to complement the product and enrich how it is experienced.

Enhancing the impact of your design

Good design has a timeless quality, lasting far beyond the initial encounter either in its physical form or in the impression it makes on the consumer. Good copy serves to reinforce this experience. It transports the unspoken message of your product – without interfering with its unique visual impact. Language amplifies the effect your design has on people, and it means the experience can be passed on to others. With us as your partner, you can make sure the message is heard across borders.

Ensuring your visuals match your words

Products and concepts rarely exist in isolation. Because they are usually parts of a whole – a brand or corporate identity – accuracy and consistency are key. Copy must express the unique identity of the design – and the designer. Whether we are editing, translating or copywriting, we deliver polished copy that balances creative freedom with corporate design. Our natural, flowing style is consistent with previous texts, conforms to your terminology and presents the new product as a member of the family.



Dynamic growth in services, throughout manufacturing and in sales of end products, is creating value that will decide who buys what from whom. Building brands and positioning them effectively is a primary concern – and not just for retail businesses. Whatever your industry and whoever you’re selling to, marketing success depends more than ever on building trust in the company behind the product.

More than just information

In the B2B world, where we have been at home for more than 25 years, building trust is all about communicating facts. Whether you are targeting buyers and management in other businesses, the finance community, career seekers, public policy makers or other stakeholders, your content must be persuasive and appealing with clearly formulated arguments that generate active interest and response. How a message is packaged determines who gains attention in the flood of information we must deal with every day.

Building trust between companies

It takes time to build trust, so the quality of your communications matters, especially as relationships between companies generally extend beyond the lifespan of any one product or service. To craft a message that will be clear and precise, you need a profound understanding of a company’s strategy and operations. Our permanent team’s close working partnership with our customers ensures we have the necessary insight into your business to know what exactly to communicate, when, and to whom.

PR & Marketing Agencies


Creative people think and write best in their own language. But in brand marketing, PR, advertising and corporate communications, one size rarely fits all. For ideas to reach an international audience, even within one language, content must be adapted to the target market and the local culture. And since deadlines are tight, you need a partner who is easy to reach, like-minded and fully up to speed.

Think region, not language

It’s a common scenario: you have a successful concept in your home market, but now you’ve been tasked with making it work in markets you’re less familiar with. Product claims, catch phrases and cultural references in one market need to be looked into carefully, (re)created and/or adapted for others. This remains true even if all your collateral is already English-only: content may have to be adapted depending on the local market in which it will appear, whether in regional search engines or in print.

Feeling at home in new markets

An idea that works well at home and raises a smile might well leave other cultures cold. Careful preparation for entry into new markets, including how to communicate in them, increases your chances of success. Our international teams of editors and translators are there to help you get your ideas across internationally to best possible effect. We can generate and translate content in several languages and adapt it to your target group and the local culture to help you achieve your global sales targets.

Research & Development


Creative people think and write best in their own language. But in brand marketing, PR, advertising and corporate communications, one size rarely fits all. For ideas to reach an international audience, even within one language, content must be adapted to the target market and the local culture. And since deadlines are tight, you need a partner who is easy to reach, like-minded and fully up to speed.

Understanding science and technology

Scientists and engineers working in international projects trade information amongst themselves using language that is often incomprehensible to anyone who does not share their know-how – even if they are writing in their own native language. It takes more than a multilingual glossary of technical terms to produce a story that can attract a wider audience. To really have an impact, content must frequently be edited and adapted to suit specific audiences with different levels of technical understanding.

Communication sells your added value

Beyond our customers’ R&D lies the benefit and utility of what they have discovered or invented. They need to effectively communicate their achievement to sponsors, stakeholders and the general public. We have the fresh, journalistic perspective it takes to present state-of-the-art research in an appealing way. With over 25 years of experience as partners to industry and the R&D community, we can clearly communicate the science and the value your projects create, so you can build on widespread acceptance.