Professional proofreading

We ensure every comma is to the point


We love good punctuation. We’re convinced it strengthens expression when copy really hits the mark.

Every piece of copy is as unique as your brand and its target group. That’s why we put every comma where it belongs: to stress the key points. And while we’re at it, we question the meaning of every passage – so that by the time the text is published, absolutely everything is clearly expressed. The clarity, accuracy and style chosen to convey content must convince you and your readers. Our permanent team of language specialists works closely with you.

When the time comes to give print or online copy a final polish before it is published, we can focus on ensuring it really hits its mark and is thoroughly consistent.

Getting the message across


To awaken and retain readers’ interest in what you communicate, you need stringent quality standards and copy that appeals across the language spectrum.

In corporate communications, marketing and advertising, publications often appear in several languages. Whatever language your copy was originally composed in, our proofreaders ensure that the text accurately and effectively conveys its message to the target audience in their own language.

Since every piece of copy is different, there is no such thing as a single, universal proofreading template. We don’t just proofread a text: we assume an editorial mindset that will turn your content into a well-founded statement. So our professional, customer-oriented proofread not only gives your copy the all clear but also accentuates what makes it yours alone.

A second pair of eyes

Two people work on every assignment to ensure it is factually and linguistically faultless. For us, teamwork is all about evaluating our colleagues’ words with unsparing openness, unfettered curiosity, unwavering tenacity and unconditional support. A second pair of eyes always helps you see more.

While one pair looks out for the author, making sure the communications aim shines through, the other pair focuses on the reader, making sure the communications aim hits home.

For this reason above all others, we see ourselves as the author’s partner, making sure every twist and turn of the story is told with exactly the right words. At the same time, we act as the reader’s exacting advocate, marking out the tight bounds of clarity and precision. We survey the textual terrain, uncovering seams of quality with the seismograph of linguistic imperative: truly excellent copy is wiser than its author, but never a mystery – because we’re sure to put every single word exactly where it belongs.

Anja Krahl

“For many years, BVIW has proven to be our reliable partner for high-quality proofreading work on our customer magazine and various other external communications, providing valuable feedback at turnaround speed.”

Anja KrahlPress and Public RelationsETAS GmbH