Giving a final polish to the author’s text

We target mistakes before they’re made

A text can do whatever it likes – except contain mistakes. That’s why our editors, as native speakers and experienced writers, also take a close look at the internal consistency of your text and the clarity of its terminology. We aim to be your most critical reader.

Good copy is like a relationship: the better you know each other, the better you understand each other. We see loyalty as a synonym for exceptional quality that lasts. The editing work we deliver follows precisely the same principle. Which means we are ready to learn our way into complex technological fields, specialist topics or company-specific issues. We don’t hesitate to ask the right questions, before targeting the right words to perfect your copy and ensuring nothing goes astray.

Finding the perfect balance

We want your copy to be accurate and also perfectly balanced, whether it is a whitepaper, marketing brochure or a presentation by your CEO. Naturally, our confidence and expertise in editing your content grows with each new assignment. Recurring projects, such as newsletters or corporate magazines, clearly demonstrate that investing time at the right time will save you time later on. That’s the real benefit everyone has from long-term business relationships.



Knowing when shorter really is sweeter

It’s precisely because we understand you must reach out to different target groups that we can write for your intended readership. At the same time, we appreciate that in the fields of corporate communications, in-house media, press or marketing, copy is supposed to cause a stir. Leaving aside the question of how you present your content visually, it is the language you use that unleashes your message’s full potential.

We strike the right tone, produce the appropriate length of text, and add just the right amount of linguistic seasoning to ensure your message has its intended effect on your target group.



Can we help you?

… with a tricky linguistic question, a headline that needs fine-tuning, a major project that could use some editing or correction to be “on the safe side”, a short press release that was due out yesterday… Call us or drop us a line. If you’re passionate about getting it right, we’ll do everything we can to help.