Copywriting: Unterstand the message. Communicate the message.

Crafting the excellent copy you need


Copy doesn’t fall from the heavens – it has to be crafted. Rarely does the first thought prove to be the best one. That’s reason enough for us to treat inspiration with kid gloves and take the time to give it shape.

Because our clients need to communicate globally, our copywriting straddles the boundary between translation and editing. We write in a multilingual environment for an international audience. We transform the briefing material provided in one or more languages into a message that hits home in the languages you need. We do our work so you can concentrate fully on yours.

We always think two steps ahead to make sure we’re one step ahead of your needs. We learn for you, and we accompany you on a direct path to your readers.

Writing and adapting in many languages


Writing primarily in English, German, French and Spanish, our language teams set out to master the unique pedigree and creative direction that distinguish your company.

Precisely because we work in numerous source languages, we know how to give meaning to every word – and how to give your thoughts expression through copy that will resonate with your readership.

For instance, we can rework a prior translation so that it addresses the specific needs of any number of target groups. And we can adapt press releases, adding new content to turn them into well-judged newspaper articles – or transform newspaper articles into informative blog posts with enlightening background information.

Copy that is a joy to read

The longer a text, the more gripping it must be – the shorter, the more apt. In a nutshell: a good article is clear and to the point.

We re-read every one until we’re sure your readers will understand it the first time – but will still want to read it again and again. That’s how to turn readers into buyers. And buyers into customers. Whatever language they speak. We write in no uncertain terms, and we spin articles to give them a wider reach. By changing the wording as appropriate, we make sure your content is delivered in exactly the tone it needs to be a success across a variety of publications and media.

We don’t let cultural specifics or language barriers hold us back. What’s important is to know that people who think differently want to be addressed differently.

Copy that's a joy to read

“We’ve been working together with BVIW for over 20 years on the adaptation of ad campaigns, copy editing and translation of press and info materials. Our customers have always seen the benefit of reliable quality.”

Karl PlatzerManaging DirectorPlatzer Kommunikation GmbH