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For us, dynamism is the ability to remain flexible without getting bent out of shape. We’re comfortable in a world of uncompromising quality with no close of play. So if you’ve got a press release that needs to go out or a print deadline that has to be met, you need a direct line. To us. We will carry out your assignment quickly and reliably, even at short notice. Our streamlined organisation makes our work fast and responsive. We live for partnership and dialogue. We save you time by delivering on time.

We are a solid team. And we’re part of your team. You can count on us.

We look forward to finding out how we might help you with the skills and services we offer. Just give us a call or write us an e-mail ( We’d be glad to talk at any time about your specific needs in communications, marketing and PR.

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This is how to reach us:

Anton Van Iersel
Managing Director
+49 89 2441 851-52

Richard Peters
Managing Director Languages
+49 89 2441 851-53

Ronald Erlandsson-Klein
Managing Director Operations
+49 89 2441 851-51

Astrid Größ
Office Manager
+49 89 2441 851-50

Julia Harwardt
Team Leader German
+49 89 2441 851-85

Chrissie Brockmann
Key Account Manager
+49 89 2441 851-54

Colin Rae
Key Account Manager
+49 89 2441 851-62

Julia Beyrer
Key Account Manager
+49 89 2441 851-84


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