Our language expertise is always on call

Don’t let your prose miss the mark


When it comes to words and wording, we consult with you to keep you ahead of the game. This can make all the difference when the right turn of phrase will turn heads.

Translation is really a kind of journey. A visit to foreign cultures, and to acquaintances amongst many different target groups. Each of them has their own language conventions. We know our way around them all, so we can make sure all your copy has the same impact wherever it is read, whatever the reader’s cultural preferences. We edit, translate, write, adapt and proofread – to turn multilingual corporate communications into a success on every terrain.

The way we organise our work assignments and quality control relies on direct personal contact with the decision-makers in communication, public relations, advertising and marketing teams. We are people who write for people – overcoming any linguistic hurdles along the way. Every question we put to you or answer for you brings us a giant step closer to our common goal: flawless collaboration and first-rate copy.

Invest time to save time


Because we think just like our clients, we never simply pay them lip service. We invest time in finding the words that will save them time.

This crystal-clear approach is a core tenet of how our staff editors and translators do their work. It is also at the core of how we define partnership. In this age of big data, anyone relying solely on computer-generated content is throwing away the foundation of any good communication strategy: credibility. Machines can often produce content in several languages without a problem. But it takes our many years of experience and trust to give your content meaning behind the words.

We can tell you where it makes sense to use a machine translation – and where it doesn’t. Our experienced approach to multilingual communication strategies and marketing campaigns is built on human effort, using the latest technology where it can be of service: in project management, capacity planning, research and ensuring consistency.

Getting it right – whatever the language

We have highly motivated, permanent teams of experts in English, German, French and Spanish. They are there to offer our clients direct advice and consultancy, and to answer their questions quickly and effectively.

As they tackle linguistic obstacles rooted in cultural differences, or adapt your copy to media-specific reading conventions, one thing is for certain: your message is their focus. So you don’t end up with false friends making you new enemies and instead win readers over with your copy.

Language can divide. We unite. We make sure foreign messages are at home in the target languages. Our teams are not only masters of the languages they work in, they also consciously engage with the culture and mindset of the places those languages are spoken. They know the words to use to open doors for you.

Rebecca Zimmermann

“Sales literature always demands careful attention to even the tiniest details. BVIW has proven to be the competent partner we can count on for reliable support, even when deadlines are tight.”

Rebecca GeyerTeam Head at Ingolstadt LocationPhilipp und Keuntje GmbH