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Here are some personal insights on the work we do, written (and translated) by the people who do it every day. What’s our take on the issues at hand? Where are there parallels in the lives we lead or the things we’ve read about? We hope you enjoy this blog, which we will add to on a regular basis, and we look forward to reading your comments and engaging in a lively dialogue.

What’s really in a name?

The success of any product depends on many things – such as finding the right name. It has to be memorable and appeal to potential buyers. But the road to success is paved with any number of pitfalls; the trick is in avoiding them.

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Know your audience

What’s the difference between bad language and good language? Context, perhaps? The words you choose can help you make a point or make a fool of yourself. A look at silliness versus simplicity and why context is king alongside the customer. Plus enjoy a game of buzzword bingo!

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Who wants to live forever?

Recent developments in the field of gerontology are challenging long-held beliefs and assumptions regarding our mortality. Have humans reached their maximum lifespan? Could advances in medical technology conceivably help us live forever? And is it in our best interests as a species to do so?

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I’d like some synonyms in my quotes please!

After nearly two decades working in marketing and communications across countries and industries, my switch to corporate communications – which includes editing, translating and creating copy for a roster of clients at BVIW – has been an unexpectedly interesting and enriching journey so far.

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The future of communication

It’s plausible that machines will someday replace person-to-person communication. But will anyone still write thoughtful, intelligent texts? And the translation of such texts – will machines do that, too? An examination of person-to-person and corporate communication in the very near future.

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Corporate communication ethics

Some aspects of ethics are obvious. In many professional fields, confidentiality plays a major role, for example. But what about those aspects that are less than obvious? In what ways is translation and corporate communications work vulnerable to conscious and sub- or unconscious biases?

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“Summit” meeting in Bavaria

On June 23, 2016, BVIW employees and external staff began a two-day event to learn about the latest developments at the company and its future projects. A look back at an informative meeting in an idyllic setting, which included a day trip to local tourist attractions and plenty of networking.

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The seven-year itch…

Hardly anyone stays in their first job for more than two or three years. I am one of the exceptions to that rule. Today – thanks to Burton, Van Iersel & Whitney GmbH – I can look back at my first steps in the translation business and see that I am no longer wet behind the ears.

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The untranslatable German language

Every language, including German, has certain “untranslatables” – words or phrases with no tidy equivalent in another language. But is that really true? If so, what do you do when you have to translate them? And what qualities are getting lost in the process?

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