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Understand the message

Communicate the message

Our minds focus on your message. Our passion carries it across. We translate the message. We reproduce content precisely, our thoughts clearly directed by its intended aim. We embody what is meant by accuracy, and we deliver on time. Always. Whether we’re working for you as editors, translators, proofreaders or copywriters, each of your assignments calls on all of our skills. And we give it our all – for the love of words.

We are proud of the work we do: editing and translating articles for employee or customer magazines, delivering print-ready press releases to tight deadlines, producing multi-lingual websites, blogs and online news articles for in-house or external audiences, creating copy for advertising campaigns and product or service brochures, and adapting annual reports, environmental reports and other corporate material for international stakeholders.

Our BVIW Blog section offers you a taste of the varied multilingual corporate communications topics that our editors and translators deal with on a daily basis. Here are the latest two articles:


Trials and tribulations of an intercultural wedding

Although cultural dissimilarities are often obvious, some customs or habits can still take you by surprise. This is a light-hearted account of how in real life, and not only in translation, you can avoid blunders from differing viewpoints across cultures.

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Made in Germany

The English language is so widespread nowadays that you are constantly confronted in Germany with its use in everyday life – from the “coffee-to-go” in the morning to “happy hour” in the evening. What is less well acknowledged is language infiltration in the other direction.

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Understand the message

Understand the message

Our permanent team speaks and writes in English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish, and in other languages on demand. We combine and secure the best talent for the long term – which ensures both continuity and availability for our customers. We understand what you want to convey – and we’ll find just the words you need to do so. We spot oversights before they happen, because we’ve seen them all.

We believe that corporate communications copy needs to be fresh and exciting, not dull and repetitive. That’s why automation and recycling of content is generally not part of our work methods. Instead, our teams build up and retain a broad level of expertise in your business. This is essential to delivering copy that has been written in your voice and will save you time and effort.

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Communicate the message

You need reliable communication that truly reaches your defined internal and external target groups, offers you flexibility, saves you time, and extends your resources in response to a bigger and faster digital world.

We edit, translate, transcreate, adapt and write text as the trusted multilingual partner for companies active in communications, marketing, advertising and PR. We are at home in corporate publishing; press services; websites, blogs and online news articles for in-house or external readerships; advertising campaigns and product or service brochures; as well as annual reports, environmental reports and other corporate material for international stakeholders.

You can put your trust in our know-how and creativity – we’ve been helping major players in a number of high-tech industries get their message across to a variety of audiences for over two decades.

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Convey the message
Eckhard Zanger, Leiter Unternehmenskommunikation bei MTU Aero Engines

“We have entrusted BVIW with our Annual Report translations since 2006, shortly after our IPO. It is our common objective to produce a factually accurate and well-written translation. MTU can count on BVIW’s continual efforts to optimise how we achieve this together.”

Eckhard ZangerSenior Vice President Corporate Communications and Public AffairsMTU Aero Engines AG

Our approach to editing

The secret to our editing work: we take every word play seriously. So we chase down every possible interpretation until we’re sure we’ve found the right one. We get right to the bottom of your copy, until there are no more secrets left to uncover.

Copy can confound when it contains linguistic or textual errors. What really bugs us is imprecision – whether in style or tone. Because only a careful choice of words will persuade customers to see you as you wish to be seen. Ideally, a semantic field can be assigned to each of your communication aims.

Whatever the language or the target group, good editing sharpens the focus of your copy and builds enthusiasm for your products and services. Make sure you put yourself and your company in the best possible light.

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Our approach to translation

We select words for our clients and their readers every day. Choosing possible candidates is not always easy. And only the one that comes out top will deliver top results.

Style, terminology and the overall context of any translation are key variables. If you want to transfer meaning precisely on target, you need a broad overview of the topic at hand. Your communications are tailored to dialogue taking place on brand platforms, in current affairs and surrounding corporate issues and strategies. So we take the time to get to know your company before we begin any regular translation work for you.

You can count on our many years of experience. And on our wide-ranging knowledge: of management structures, the challenges market leaders face, and the innovations they deliver in industry, research and public relations.

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